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Honduras Victor Sanchez- "La Chorrera" Micro-Lot 500g

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Blessed with a stunning coastline, tropical rainforests, and steeped in ancient Mayan history in Copan in the West,  Honduras is a wonderful country and its people are justifiably proud of their coffee. The Latin American nation punches well above its weight when it comes to quality beans. In 2011 it became Central America’s biggest coffee producer and in 2012 it ranked seventh in the world and was the second-biggest exporter of high-quality Arabica beans on the planet, competing ably with heavyweights such as Colombia and Brazil.

The coffee business provides widespread employment opportunities for Hondurans, although much work is seasonal. It is estimated that the sector employs 30 per cent of the population at one time or another during the year, and that up to two million people directly participate in the coffee harvest between November and March.

Victor began as a coffee picker for several farms in the Corquin area. During that time that he became interested in coffee production, so he planted coffee in a hectare of land his family owned. He became very successful in the microlot production and produces from his small lot some exceptional coffee.

Milk chocolate, red apple, mandarin orange, maple syrup sweetness

This coffee scores very highly on all cupping judging categories.

Recommended minimum resting period (post the roast date): 3 days