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Yemen Micro-Lot Hamasil Village 500g

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Similar to Ethiopia, Yemen has one of the oldest relationships with coffee with the terrain and  varietals  very similar.   Steep, arid mountainous land provides a breathtaking backdrop for Yemeni coffee farms.  The coffee appears to be growing wild with absolute minimum cultivation. Although not certified, can be considered to be grown organically.   

Almost a journey back to the very origin of coffee,  the flavours are sweet, complex and exotic.

Hand nurtured trees, hand picked red cherries and sun dried on the roof-tops in the Hamasil village.

This is old-growth Yemeni heirloom coffee at it's very best.

In the cup it's big, bold, deep with fat aromatics and a thick heavy viscous body and mouth feel. A delight to watch pour from the portafilter.

This is a slightly larger bean than the Ismaili but still a small bean and very well sorted.

 Truly worth savouring.

Recommended roasting time (from roast date); minimum 7 days

TheRoasters recommend a medium or dark roast for the most complex flavours.