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Guatemala Antigua 'Pastores' 1kg

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This wonderful coffee comes from small holder farmers around the town of Pastores in the Antigua region of Guatemala. The growers are highly regarded for the quality of their cherries and heavily supported by western agricultural field specialists. Working closely with the growers season after season builds trust and consistency as the growers know they have a good market for what they produce. This also gives them the confidence in investing in processes and equipment.

Soils in the area are volcanic, rich in minerals that are ideal for the three varietals grown. Our suppliers mill in Pastores uses what they call a ‘Gourmet’ preparation; taking in only red cherry and grading to 15+ screen size. 

Connoisseur style dark chocolate, green grapes, Kanzi apples, syrupy.

A lovely, elegant coffee.

Recommended minimum resting period (post the roast date): 3 days