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Kenya Microlot-  Gatomboya Grade AA   500g

Kenya Microlot- Gatomboya Grade AA 500g

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With a cupping score of 94 this is special coffee. Graceful, refined.

Gatomboya is about 150 kms north of Nairobi and shares its borders with five other counties; Kirinyaga to the east, Meru to the north east , Laikipia to the north ,Nyandarua to the west, and Muranga to the south. Gatomboya Factory is part of the Barichu Farmers Cooperative Society. Barichu FCS comprises of Gatomboya, Gaturiri, Karindundu and Karatina. Gatomboya has around 1,800 active members who farm roughly 540 hectares of coffee in total.  Soils in the region are the classical deep red volcanic type and rich in organic matter. Rainfall is 1300 – 1500mm per year.

The mill processes just over a tonne of cherries annually. Gatomboya is named after a nearby river and has a reputation for paying farmers the best price for quality cherries.  Once cherries are processed, parchment is dried on raised beds and covered at the first sign of rain and during the midday sun. Coffee is bagged once the coffee reaches 10-12%. And taken to the dry mill where the parchment is removed and beans are packed for export.

Recommended minimum resting period (post the roast date): 2 days

Recommended roast level: Medium