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Kenya Microlot- Kiganjo Grade AA 500g

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Kiganjo is well known for producing exceptionally high quality coffee.

In the cup its sweet red currants, tart red berries, dark chocolate, and honey!


Kiganjo Mill

Kiganjo Mill is located in Kiganjo Division, Kiambu County. It’s an area with classic, rich volcanic soils and 1000 – 1200mm of rain annually. Kiganjo Mill is part of the Thiririka Farmers’ Co-operative Society which was established in 1996 and named after the Thiririka River. The co-op includes the Kiganjo, Githembe and Ndundu Mills.

Kiganjo Mill takes in coffee from around 600 members who collectively farm 300 hectares of coffee trees.  Total output from the mill is roughly 435 metric tonnes per year. All the coffee is handpicked early in the morning and at the mill for processing by the afternoon. Using water from the Thirirka River, the coffee goes through a carefully managed wet process before being dried on raised beds. All the drying coffee is covered with shade cloth during the harsh midday sun and with canvas or plastic covers at any sign of rain. Once dry, it is taken to the dry mill for final processing.

Co-op employees oversee the process and any under-ripe or damaged cherries will not be accepted by the ‘Cherry Clerk’ – one of the most important harvest-period staff, who keeps meticulous records of how much coffee each producer delivers on any given day (and thus how much payment is due once the coffee has sold).

Many roasters do not offer Kenyan beans as their wholesale market price is a bit higher than other origins- we believe they behold something special and will continue to stock at least one Kenyan micro lot. We offer this to our customers who recognize the uniqueness of Kenyan coffee and hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

Recommended minimum resting period (post the roast date): 3 days

Recommended roast level: Light