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Kenya Microlot-  Nyeri Peaberry Grade AA   500g

Kenya Microlot- Nyeri Peaberry Grade AA 500g

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Kenya is the 'home' of the peaberry and this small lot is from Nyeri County, an area known for its amazing coffees. [Every tree produces a small quantity of peaberries which occur when the flower isn’t pollinated properly and instead of two beans being formed, there is just a single bean]

Most of the farms in the Nyeri area are small, with around 200 trees. The soil in the area is amazingly rich due its volcanic origins with 900 – 1700mm of rain per year.  Main harvest is between October and December with the fly crop in April to July.

Recommended minimum resting period (post the roast date): 3 days

Recommended roast level: Medium