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PNG Amakai Honey 500g

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The Roasters bring you this specialty micro-lot- "PNG Amakai Honey 2018 Season" from Kuta Kofi Mills.

Kuta Kofi Mill farmers grow their coffee on the foothills of the Kubor Range/junction with the Nebilyer Valley. This is an area abundant with wonderful black volcanic loamy soil PNG is known for.

This Honey Process coffee had its debut in 2016 and as a number of ardent followers. The coffee used is from selected farmers who the owner of the mill knows well and appreciate that it’s only the ripest coffee cherries he's after. For the Honey Process, the skins are removed, leaving fruit pulp on the outer parchment. These are then sundried, turned over and hand sorted – honey processing needs careful attention at every stage to avoid fermentation. It’s certainly a long and laborious task but the end result makes it worthwhile. Every stage from picking, sorting and packing is done by hand, an opportunity to constantly check the quality.

New season. Juicy, sweet, citrus, complex with dark chocolate. Really lovely coffee with just a hint of the classic and unique Kuta tomato notes. 

Recommended minimum resting period (post the roast date): 3 days