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Sumatra Blue Roca 1kg

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Coffee has been exported from Indonesia since 1711. The "blue" in the name of this coffee comes from the bluish coat of the unroasted "green" coffee beans.

This is a beautiful Indonesian coffee which is processed using the "Giling Basah"or semi-washed method. This type of processing results in a beautiful full-bodied coffee which stands alone boldly as a single origin.

Blue Roca is grown in Onan Ganjang, a plateau in the highlands just south of the volcanic crater Lake Toba in North Sumatra. Volcanic soil is perfect for coffee cultivation and the Blue Roca is rich and brightly flavoured with notes of sweet berries, biscuit, citrus and grapefruit.

Please note: this is a wonderfully complex coffee, which definitely needs to be rested for at least the recommended period below. 

 Recommended minimum resting period (post the roast date): 4 days