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Ethiopia Sidamo Ardi Naturals

The Roasters introduce another heirloom coffee into the Roastery.

From the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia.

Sidamo Ardi Naturals


Ethiopia Sidamo Ardi Naturals- Meticulous hand-sorted old growth coffee

Sidamo was a province in the southern part of Ethiopia, with its capital city at Awasa.

Since the adoption of the 1995 Constitution of Ethiopia, Sidamo has been divided amongst the Southern Peoples Region which took its capital; the remainder contributing to the larger, more central, Oromia region and to the Somali Region as to a very small percentage.

This is a naturally processed heirloom coffee, which helps to yield the interesting flavors that are found in the cup. Completely unrestrained, uninhibited. In order to control the drying process of this coffee it is first dried for two weeks on raised beds in the sun. The coffee farm workers clean the coffee as it dries. Any under-ripe cherry stands in stark contrast to all the red cherries on the bed. All the under-ripe cherries are removed, and after two weeks, the coffee is set to dry on a concrete patio.

Massive fruit bomb of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants, and fig. There’s plenty of aromatics going on, particularly in the floral department, as orange blossoms and violets bloom in the finish.

The flavor proves to be nearly identical to the aroma, with a huge fruit bomb up front, blackberry, and strawberry. Even more satisfying is the moist chocolate cake batter aroma that propels all of those berry flavors forward. The coffee takes a bit of a turn for the unexpected after a few sips, however, with notes of bakers spice, cinnamon, and, most surprising, a slight rhubarb flavor, particularly in the finish.

Old growth heirloom coffee, from an historic coffee producing region. Highly recommended to our growing family of Ethiopian coffee devotees. Enjoy.


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