All Coffee Is Sent Within 24Hrs Of Being Roasted, Ensuring You Get The Freshest Coffee Possible. For Any Questions Please Feel Free To Contact Our Roaster Directly Via The Contact Us Page.

About Us


Background and the importance of fresh coffee

Being coffee connoisseurs ourselves, we found that most people we met were not aware of just how good coffee can taste if it is freshly roasted, ground immediately prior to use, and extracted properly.

It all starts with the freshness of the coffee beans, and we wanted more people to be able to access freshly roasted coffee beans rather than most store-bought beans that have been sitting for weeks, months, or even years, and are stale.

Coffee beans should be consumed anywhere between 3 days and one month after roasting. Any longer and they’re not at their optimum. We roast custom batches upon placement of order and mail them out to you the morning after roasting so you will receive them at their freshest.

Old-school values

We, The Roasters at Sydney Coffee Roasters, have established our business in the old-school way.
In a world of mass-produced, throw-away consumerism, we wanted to bring back the old-fashioned way of doing things.

Careful selection of highest quality beans

We select each variety of our 100% Arabica green beans ourselves, and have roasted, and consumed each of the coffees ourselves, so our customers can be rest assured they are getting the best of the best. Our coffees come mainly from Ethiopia and Kenya in Africa, and Costa Rica, and with some specialty beans from South America and Asia. They are typically grown in high elevations with rich well draining soils, and by families that have been growing sustainably for a number of generations.

The Roast and Delivery

We roast all our coffees on a hand-built heavy-duty "Has Garanti" roaster, the old-school way. No fancy computerised systems here!
We personally attend to your roast. Your roast is not part of a mass-produced batch which will be sold to many customers. It is for you alone. You can even tell us what type of roast you would prefer- light/medium/dark. We typically bring the coffee to first crack over a 9 to 11 minute period, then drop the heat as the roast approaches first crack and as it gently glides through first crack. We then drop the beans into the cooler at the first snaps of second crack, although we can tailor our roasts to suit your palate.
Your coffee is then immediately hand packaged in a quality coffee bag with a one-way valve, labelled (with a roast date) and sent to you usually on the same day or the morning after the roast date.

Success Factors

Everyone should be able to produce top quality coffee. We believe that, in order of importance, the four main success factors are: (i) Fresh High Quality Beans, (ii) A quality coffee grinder, (iii) Technique, (iv) A quality espresso machine. Please contact us by sending us your contact details at our Contact page if, after purchasing our coffee, you are not producing top quality coffee, and we will assist you.