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Tajumulco Blend 500g

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TheRoasters bring you this delightful blend of carefully selected coffees mixed at very precise ratios to provide the best balance of flavour and body.

Perfect for straight espresso with its big syrupy pours, and equally cuts through milk really well. A delectable blend of Guatemalan, Kenyan, and Ethiopian coffees. 

Most visitors to Guatemala are familiar with Pacaya and Fuego volcanoes, but few people seem to know about Tajumulco Volcano, which is actually the highest mountain in Central America. From the peak, when the skies are clear, you can see Mexico on one side and El Salvador on the other; on especially fine days you can sometimes even see the Pacific coast glinting in the distance.

Makes one of the best cappuccinos TheRoasters have tasted. Highly recommended!

Only comes medium roasted as this makes it perfect!

Recommended minimum resting period (post the roast date): 2 days