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Brazil Monte Alegre Naturals- Sul De Minas  1kg

Brazil Monte Alegre Naturals- Sul De Minas 1kg

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TheRoasters bring you another of the best Brazilian coffees available. This one is smooth as silk some interesting underlying tones.

Before its acquisition in 1917 by the Viera Family, Monte Alegre was already a well known coffee-producing farm in Sul de Minas. Initially the farm´s focus was sugarcane production which was slowly replaced by coffee.

The coffee grown was held in high regards by coffee buyers so the Vieras decided they should focus exclusively on coffee. In 1917, the family celebrated their coffee centenary, an amazing milestone.

Along with quality, Monte Alegre takes great care in ensuring their production follows strict environmental standards through energy rationing, waste management, water management, reduced fertilizer usage and emissions tests for all vehicles, including tractors. Over 20% of the land which makes up the Monte Alegre estate is dedicated to permanent preservation areas which contribute to the bio-diversity of the farm. The farm is UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and BSCA certified.

Brazil nuts, Sugarcane sweet, buttery, cocoa, pop corn

Recommended minimum resting period (post the roast date): 3 days