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Colombia Jambaló Cauca 1kg

Colombia Jambaló Cauca 1kg

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Jambaló is a municipality and, at the same time, an indigenous reservation of Colombia. It is located in the central Andes mountain range at the northeastern department of Cauca, 80 kilometers north of the city of Popayán (the capital of the department). Being Jambaló also indigenous guard, the majority of its inhabitants are of the nasa and misak ethnic groups. Jambaló is the source of innumerable water springs, the main one is the Jambaló River, which receives the strings of two main tributaries, the Barondillo and the Ovejeras River, to flow into the Palo River in the Municipality of Caloto


It presents caramel notes in fragrance with plums, sweet spices, ripe black berry and milk chocolate flavors. Its acidity is vibrant and it has a nice round body.

Recommended minimum resting period (post the roast date):  3 days